Thursday, January 29, 2009


This crafty fine piece of machinery/housing graced us with it's presence in our office parking lot yesterday. Being a Real Estate office, I thought this was a great thing. I had to stop, stare, scan it, and walk completely around it to bask in it's greatness. Not only was it a brilliantly constructed form of camping quarters, but it's TRANSPORTATION!

Smoke stack on the top, to allow for fine camping cuisine. Propane tanks strapped to the back to allow for maximum cooking capabilities. I can only imagine what fine appointments decorate the interior. I'm thinking bean bags, velour walls, and disco balls, lots and lots of disco balls.

When the Stabbin' Cabin' is a rockin', Don't come a knockin'!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I used to think that my success was measured by how much money I had in the bank, or by the title of my profession. That my success was linked to the type of car I drove, the shoes I strutted around in, or where I laid my head.

Can you get anymore superficial?

I have learned (the hard way) that those things really mean nothing to me. Don't get me wrong, I would NOT turn down a nice car if given to me, I think you pay for quality, and hard work looks good on everyone.

It's our 5Th Year of Relay For Life Cancer Walk in Lynden. It will be my 4Th year participating. My 2ND year on Committee, and my 1ST year of NOT being team captain. It will be my 6Th year CANCER FREE! In years past I have walked with my Grand father, who will be celebrating his 6Th year CANCER FREE! Yea! We got to go through it at the same time! I have walked with a friend who is going on her 2ND year CANCER FREE, and I have walked with kids that couldn't even walk yet.

I have seen the tears, the smiles, the laughs and the hugs of family's at the event. I have heard, and given the prayers for strength. I have witnessed the strength of one 17 year old girl who reminds me every single day, that we are stronger than anything that can happen to us!

I am blessed beyond words to be apart of such an amazing event. I am encouraged every single day to smile and thank my maker for every single thing I have.

I now know, that success is measured in what you do for others, not what others do for you.

Check out our Relay Video!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Really, I can fix anything! Today, I single-handedly fixed our office bathroom door! True story. The lock was not "engaging" and we had a few little "misshapes" or peep shows if you will. Being the initiative taker that I am, I got out my little tool kit, and went to town.

I started by unscrewing the latchy thing (technical name) and wiggled it around a little. I put the screws back in, but not as tight and it works. I'M BRILLIANT! I did this all in 4 in heels! Is there anything I can't do?

After accomplishing this major feat, I proceeded to run around the office, humming the Rocky Theme song, and pumping my fists in the air!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


marilyn monroe Pictures, Images and PhotosMarilyn Monroe Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm kinda sick of "Life's Lessons" But, here's what I know to be true.

I've learned that no one determines my worth but me. I've learned that you are only as happy as you choose to be. I've learned that I want the honeymoon part of the relationship to last more than 3 months, but that's when true colors usually come out. I've learned that life is a balance of holding on and letting go. I've learned that when things from your past keep coming up, you have more to learn from them. I've learned that actions speak louder than words. I've learned that I'm stronger than anything that can happen to me. I've learned that a smile is the very best form of communication.

I've learned that you don't fall in love with someone because you love to be around them, but because you can't stand to be away from them. I've learned that I love hand holding, and winks, and perfectly placed kisses. I've learned that being yourself if the best complement you can give anyone. I've learned that my interpretation of forever, and your interpretation of forever are worlds apart.

I've learned that life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride. I've learned that everything REALLY does happen for a reason, and there is a lesson to be learned in every failure, every heart break, every lapse in judgement and every victory.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I feel that in these hard economic times, I like to give back....mostly in the form of belittling banter used to tear down the esteem of those who think they are better than me for "actually" doing thing to better themselves. Fortunately in this case, I came across Caity, who selfishness is unparalleled...even to me.

I now present to you...The Caity Needs A Carrera Charity.

If you feel you are deserving of a video interview, feel free to leave your comment.

Donations can be made through me, and I promise most of the money will make it to Caity. (read: she'll never see a cent)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In an attempt to follow my 5K training to a T, I decided to forgo the outside running, and take my greatness inside. Yup, I braved the gym last night! Super Duper busy at 6 p.m (for future reference). Ran (not literally) into a bunch of peeps I know-another downside of the gym. Totally raced the girl on the treadmill next to me, unbeknownst to her...she won. Needless to say, my 30 minutes of intense/amateur training went by without a hitch. I didn't drop my I-Pod to have it go skidding across the floor (that may or may not have happened before). I actually felt pretty freaking indestructible when I was done.

I did 1 minute of jogging to 2 minutes of brisk walking for 30 minutes. Pashaw you say? It was hard! Judgers! I have 9 weeks to go from couch potato to 5K.

I find it hard not to sing and dance along to my awesome play list while working out. So, I do it anyway. I did get a few sidelong glances from a couple members of the geriatric AARP work out crew. I just stuck my tongue out and rocked out harder. I might have possibly sang out loud to Alien Ant farm-Movies, and Disturbed-Down with the sickness. I can't help it. I was FEELING it.

After I left the gym with a red face, sweat dripping off my head and down my back, and a little extra hitch in my giddy up. I texted Caity:

Me: I think I'm going to throw up


Me: Or Hardcore???

Caity: Nope, still gross.

I think I'll head back to the the gym on Thursday to take up some more training. They have fans on their treadmills--AWESOME!

Friday, January 9, 2009


My friend, lets call him, Sprian, Martian has an unhealthy obsession with the “Swedish pop lyrical powerhouse with unparalleled dance beats” (his words, not mine) known as Ace of Base. Not a day goes by that he walks/dances into the office singing “I saw the sign” or “All that she wants” arguably the BEST songs produced in the 90’s. He has choreographed dances for both of these amazing songs that he regularly brings out at his house parties. VISUAL!
Go ahead, ask him a fact. He knows them all. He knows that they are the only Scandinavian artist to enjoy a #1 album on Billboard charts, and he knows the name of that album (The Sign).
He knows that before becoming Ace of Base they toured as Tech Noir which was a fast-paced high energy and Techno-oriented group. (I can’t even make this stuff up)
He likes/loves obsessively, the re-make they did of Cruel Summer, a song made popular in the Karate Kid movie. (Aw Ralph Macchio, remember him? What ever happened to him?) I’ll blog about him later.
When you ask him about his day, he often answers solely in Ace of Base Lyrics.

Me: Sprian, how’s your day going?

Sprian: I saw the sign and it’s opened up my eyes.

Me: Really? Huh…What did the sign say?

Sprian: All that she wants is another baby.

Me: Really? What brought her to this conclusion?

Sprain: When she woke up late in the morning light And the day had just begun She opened up her eyes and thought Oh what a morning It's not a day for work It's a day for catching tan Just laying on the beach and having fun

Me: Oh…I don’t really know what to do with that.

Sprian: It's a cruel, (cruel) cruel summer Leaving me here on my own

Me: Alrighty then…have a great day!

I’m worried about him.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I like running (read kinda bouncing/walking/dying) in the dark. If you have ever seen the Friends episode when Phoebe is running and Rachel is utterly embarrassed because Phoebe runs like gumby on meth. Well, I feel like Phoebe. I'm sure (I hope) I don't really look that bad, but the cover of darkness makes me feel better. I'm uber pumped that the snow is melting (finally) and the sidewalks are clear to run on. I have a fully functional and paid for gym membership, but for those of you who know how much of a total klutz I am, running on the treadmill not only endangers myself, but everyone within a 10 foot radius of me.

You: Good job on training for a 5K, that's really amazing!

Me: Yeah, thanks! It's really fun and rewarding. really: I must be certifiably retarded to even being to think this was a good idea. Running sucks, working out sucks, and I suck.

You: So, how far can you fun now?

Me: Oh, I'm working on my first mile. I just started training: really: I can barely briskly walk to the end of my driveway without taking a break, and checking for signs of a heart attack.

You: Do you run with anyone?

Me: No, just me and my I Pod and my super sweet Gym Mix Play list: really: This is true! My play list kicks Major A! I'll post it on here sometime. It's a beautiful mess of Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, Tool, Pink, oh and Michael Jackson! AMAZING! Plus I'm pretty sure if anyone came across me running, they would quickly move to the other side of the road in fear of "catching" what ever it is I have, and seem to be running from.

Lacin' up the sneaks tonight to do a few blocks! Try not to point and laugh if you come across me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So I successfully gained 7 pounds in water weight between the hours of 6:30 and 10:30 this morning! What an accomplishment! I'm rather proud. Normally seeing the number on the scale would send me into a tantrum any 3 year old would be proud of. But seeing as today is the weight in day for Our Biggest Loser Round 2 contest at work, I feel rather...well...inflated both figuratively and literally.
So here goes a big Whoop Whoop to Team Fairhaven! Go big or Go Home!

Friday, January 2, 2009


It's official. Well, it will be as soon as I sign up and pay my money. But I will be participating in the St. Paddy's day Fun (we'll see) Run in Seattle on March 15 (happy 29th Birthday to me) this year. I'm working on accomplishing my goals and finishing a 5K and half marathon are on the list. So I'll start with a 5K! And since it's on my birthday, what a better way to celebrate. I'd be puking from drinking too much so why not puke from running too much! I am going to log my accomplishments in my blog, and you get to participate in all the drama, whining, and blisters! Lucky bastards! I'm such a giver. That will also keep me accountable! (hopefully)
So training starts tomorrow! Biggest loser round 2 at work starts on Wednesday the 7th. So, it's looking like I've got all my ducks in a row.
This should be rather entreating on your end, as I A: Don't like to run, or really work out. B: think I'm going to die every single time I do. and C: I'm infamous for starting things and not EVER FINISHING THEM!
Alas 2009! I'm bout to kick your ass!!!!

I'll get your name later.

PS. I'm recruting fellow fun runners if you wanna play? Tempting huh? Register here, I'll let you know when I do. Cross your fingers for next week.