Thursday, March 3, 2011


Always late but worth the of my many life mottos. I laced up the sneaks today for a nice little 3 mile jaunt. Holy hell was I struggling after only half a mile. Guess the smoking and slacking I've been doing since the last race finally caught up with me.

I'm trying out a new supplement because I'm a total Wussie and need the quasi-crack cocaine boost. I usually drink BlackPowder and love it. But my big bro swears by Jack3d. Good stuff. Tastes like 10 day old elephant urine and I gag the whole time drinking it, but I was really liking the energy boost. Apparently it's supposed to help your muscles recover faster too. Guess we'll see if I can walk down stairs in the morning.

I'm running the Eugene half marathon on May 1st. Not. At. All. Prepared. I'm really hopping to get a better time than the last half, but that means really kicking it in the butt these next 2 months. I'm also going to run the Rock and Roll half marathon in Seattle for the 3rd time this year. Also training for the Portland full marathon in October. I said 2011 was going to be the year of running so game on.

I start my new career as a hair dresser on the 10th. So back to having no days off again between Phaze 2 and Bobs. Not too worried since I like money so much. I might have to give up the little pathetic social life I've been holding onto with a Kung Fu grip in order to get more running in. Not that I'm afraid of a little hard work ;) on!