Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Finals week!! Yup, I've made it through my first 6 weeks of design at Gene Juarez! It has been everything I've dreamed of and more. I Love every single minute of it. I love all the people in my class, and have made some super great friends!! Next week we start technical which is all the chemical stuff like perms, color, foils, and relaxers. SOOO PUMPED!

Just have to pass my finals now!

I'm loving being in Seattle 3 days a week. Honestly, I really want to be living there right now, but I need to be patient with it. Don't get me wrong, I love Bellingham, and enjoy all my people here, I just really feel it's time for a change. I've got lot's of options, and I'm just really keeping them all open.

Living up to my motto of "JUST LET IT BE" Life is truly what you make of it, and mine is going to be golden! I've chosen to take the path less traveled by like Robert Frost once said and it has made all the difference.

It's amazing all that I've learned about myself in the past 5 years. I'm truly content in the person I've become. I've learned to base my happiness on myself and no one else. I've learned to read the signs and let them guide me. I've learned that if you put good out to the universe, you will get good back. I'm beyond blessed in my life, and I'm thrilled to see all the fun new things this world has in store. Nothing holding me down, nothing stopping me either!

I'm truly living an Emerald City State of Mind!