Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well, Alayna and I completed our first Half Marathon in Seattle on June 27, 2009! We were blessed to be apart of the Inaugural Rock and Roll Half Marathon! 13.1 miles. Yes, we are slightly crazy, and gluttons for punishment. But now I can mark that goal off of my "to do before 30" list.
My time wasn't as good as I wanted it to be, but let's just say I was ill prepared for the hills. The down hill of about 5 city blocks killed my right knee, which has given me problems in the past. But all bitching aside, I DID IT!!! Today is the first day that I can walk normal, I'm no longer aching all over. I was a little surprised at how sore my entire body was. But, I will do another one. I'd love to do the Rock and Roll one again next year. I'm still planning on the Run Wild 5K at Northwest Trek with my friend Melissa in September. That will be a fun one=) And a 5K might seem like a cake walk for me now=)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


These are the Cliffs Shot Bloks! My little mile 5 life savers! I tried the orange ones with the Caffeine yesterday on my 8 mile run. AWESOME! I had such great energy, and the weather was just perfect (not too hot, not too cold) I felt like I could go forever. That is until mile 6.5 when my knee really started hurting. I think I need to ease into the longer runs.

New shoes are totally KICK ASS!! LOVE THEM! And they are super cute and orange and all aero dynamic and stuff.

Also, I start every run with an Emergen-C, either on my way home from work in the car, or a quick shot before lacing up the sneaks. I truly think they work wonders. Even on those days when I'm totally draggin ass, they are the perfect pick me up.

I've ordered 2 new running books. I'd like to learn what I'm supposed to eat for best results before and after the race. You know, the important stuff. Also, hoping to get a few more races in this year. There is a big one in Bellingham that I'd like to do, I think it's 12 miles. And I'm going to the the NW Trek Run Wild in September! If you know of any more races, let me know.

Monday, June 15, 2009


These are the totally kick ass new sneaks I picked up from Fairhaven Runners today! Let me tell you, if you need running or walking shoes, this is the place to go! The awesome Marisa had me walk across the store, and she watched my walk, how I placed my foot, and the arches. She said I was "pretty normal" (told you guys!!!) She then asked what I'd be using the shoes for, (marathon running) and asked what shoes I currenlty own. Nike air+ Bowerman series (which I LOVE). She picked out 5 pairs for me to try. I got to run around on the sidewalk outside. (felt a little funny in my work clothes, and "sensable shoes") And I fell in love with these. I'm going to give them a whirl tonight with a little 8 mile jaunt.

I also picked up some Cliffs Shot Bloks. These fun little pieces of gummy goodness are electrolyte chews with caffeine that are supposed to give you a little boost on longer runs. I will also try out these bad boys tonight and let you know the verdict. Picked up some sweet socks too-trust me, VERY IMPORTANT!

So, T-minus 12 days and counting till the big Run. 13.1 miles from Tukwila to Seattle. I get to run on I-90 without having my car break down! That's exciting. Me and Alayna might be dragging each other across the finish line. And let me tell you, we are going to celebrate like ROCK STARS that night!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Running is going along swimmingly. I've been keeping up (for the most part) with my weekly jaunts. I have to do 7-8 miles on Saturday, kinda freaking out about that one, but I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm still borrowing my friend Wade's running mantra "Not dying, Can't quit" which seems to be working out pretty well for me. I've also learned that running on streets where people I know might drive by, makes me run harder and faster, and longer. I mean, how dorky would it be to be walking and/or crawling down the road if someone I knew was passing by? answer: TOTALLY DORKY!

Now that the running and exercise seem to be in place, I HAVE to get better about my eating habits. The weight isn't "falling" off like it first did. And low and behold, a good 15 lbs of the first 25 have crept back on. DAMN IT! Totally my fault. I got cocky and thought I could just eat what ever I wanted to and as long as I ran a few miles, it wouldn't even count. I've also learned that 'calorie free' means "here, have a bunch of calories...for free!!"

So, today, my buddy Debbie and I have stated that we would help each other. I always need someone to hold me accountable. So, after today (one last hurrah) I will be starting a food journal and writing down EVERY SINGLE THING I put in my mouth. I will be logging how often I run and or exercise in general. I'm hoping this will jump start some more lbs falling off.

WISH ME LUCK!! Also, any tips you may have are greatly appreciated!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Soooo....19 days till the Rock and Roll Half Marathon! Really feeling the pressure. I have been a total slacker lately! BOOOO. I've been busy, tired, busy, working, being a mom, being a freind! I know...Melissa would say "this is the worlds smallest violin playing just for you!" I'm done whinning and making excuses now.

Work is slower this week (both jobs) so I will have more time after work to lace up the sneaks. Which reminds me, I really have to get into Fairhaven Runners and get me some new ones. Mine are getting a little sad, and my knees are really feeling it.

I can tell how the lack of running has affected my mood lately. I tend to get a little bitchy when I don't get my "ME" time. Running is that time for me lately. Nothing beats the runners high, and the awesome feeling of accomplishment when I beat my time, or run farther than I had planned on. I love the wind, the sun, the rain, and my super sweet running mix my awesome boyfriend put on my I-Pod!

There are some great new and exciting things coming my way. Can't really get into much detail right now...but stay tuned. Things are just really starting to fall into place. I might have to be a little patient for the next year...but things are looking good=)

Oh, and PS. I've been a total blog slacker lately too. I promoise to be more dilligent.