Friday, February 6, 2009


Last night I successfully completed a whole mile and a half without stopping and or dying! I KNOW! I was beyond excited to realize what I had done. I was so into my play list (that a great friend had put on my Nano-thanks for that)that I was just bopping and running along. Lo and behold, an entire mile had gone by. Another kick ass song came on (Limp Bizkit-In The End)and I just had to keep going.

I honestly think I could have done 2 whole miles, but my gym running time had to be cut short because I had to hit up a first grade basketball game.

I was sweating like a whore in church and my face was bright red when I exited the gym. I felt AWESOME, and accomplished, and exhilarated. And I left with an extra little dip in my swagger. So, the plan of attack for the next few weeks is to add another lap or two to my running schedule. I want to be able to do 4 miles without dying before the 5K.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I had a very long, much needed, great conversation with a person I now consider an amazing friend. The advice I was given was truly taken to heart, and I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders a little. They are one of my favorite people in the whole world, and I wish them nothing but all of life's BESTS!

They told me to "do what Erin wants" I have a tendency to lose myself when in relationships. I get all caught up it the excitment, and love bubbles that I forget all the awesome things that made me, me. They reminded me all the good qualities I possess, and that those are never a bad thing.

I'm not sure if they read my blog, but a little piece of me will be hoping that they do, and that they will continue to check up on me. I know that if I ever needed anything they would come to my rescue.

So to amazing friend. Thank you for all your advice, guidance, words of wisdom, support, strength, love, and laughs. You will forever hold a very important place in my heart, and I have been truly blessed beyond words to share a piece of my world with you. You will always be thought of fondly, and our inside jokes will make me laugh and smile EV-ER-RY time!

Thank you...for all of the memories, and to make moving on so much easier!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My ass is officially getting smaller! I know right! Someone at work pointed that out to me...thanks for that. My clothes are officially getting bigger. A little bitter sweet considering I really don't have the funds for a whole new wardrobe, and I like nice things. Mainly a very high affirmation to designer jeans, they are SOOO worth the price.

Training is going great! I'm dying less and less on the treadmill at the gym. People have accepted my "unique" form of running/dancing and are not as scared to be on the treadmill next to me anymore. I did a LOT of hiking this weekend, and felt the repercussions after, it's the good sore though.

Wednesday I'm going to hit up the high school track with a friend to correctly log the 5K. Running outside is WAY different than on the treadmill. So, I might be dying after that one! My dad said he'd pay my entrance fee for the fun run If I didn't die.
He's a giver.

39 Days till the run! I feel like I have to kinda kick it into high gear now. A great friend gave me some great advice "Not Dying, Can't Quit" So that will be my mantra during the run. All the while rocking out to White Stripes-Seven Nation Army, and Icky Thump, two of the best PUMP you up songs! Let's not forget Saliva-Click, Click, Boom, Disturbed-Down with the sickness, and Mario-Stutterin. Kinda all over the board huh?