Monday, September 21, 2009


This week will consist of getting all packed up! I'm moving out of my AMAZING's bittersweet. I'm moving in with my parents...I save some $$$ until the big move to Seattle. I will save a lot, and they will be there to help with Isaiah and what not while I'm working and going to school. I just keep thinking "it's only for a little while"

I am NOT a patient person. I want what I want, when I want it, and that's usually now. I don't like waiting, and I hate when things happen that throw my plans off. I FINALLY have a nice little plan set in place, and it's been a while for me to get that. Someone once told me change only happens when the fear of staying the same exceeds the fear of acting on it. So true in my case.

I'm beyond excited for my new adventure. I'm also beyond scared! Nothing like throwing caution into the wind, and saying F-It, let's get it done! But failure is not an option. It's not like I'm scared of a little hard work. I just don't want to look back and regret what I'm doing.

It's not as easy without you here cheering me on...

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yup, it's official! I will be starting school at Gene Juarez in Seattle on October 6!! Crazy huh?? Honestly, freaking out a little bit, Lot's of changes, Lot's of big changes...

I will be commuting 3 days a week with my friend Anna...for now. I would LOVE to move there, but I think I have to save up some $$ first you know?

Cheers to crazy, beautiful and scary it is!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


My legs are on fire! They are sooooo pissed at me for kicking some major A on the trails yesterday. I had a GREAT run, 3.6 miles, at a 9.36 pace. Not too freaking bad if I don't say so myself.

Pretty sure I'm still not ready for the 15k this weekend. But it's through Fairhaven, and the Bellingham waterfront, so it will be a nice route either way. I think I will be slowing down on the runs this next year. Oh, I will still run, but I don't think I'll be signing up for near as many. It's exhausting! Maybe I'll have a new romance to devote my attention too? Maybe I'll be too busy saving the world? Maybe I'll be walking a new path toward my goals?

Patience is NOT my strong point. I'll just throw that out there. I'm more of an impulsive person, act now, think later. Not always a good thing. But I have been mulling over some changes for some time now, and it's finally ALMOST here. I was pretty determined that I couldn't do things on my own, well, with a sudden monkey wrench thrown into my plan, I'm learning that I can, and will do things on my own.

I've recently learned how strong you are when strong is your only option!

Cross your fingers for Saturday!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, big Fairhaven Waterfront 15K this weekend and I'm NOT READY AT ALL!! I've been such a slacker! It started with pretty much breaking my big toe on my left foot. (I dropped a drawer on it) it was painful, and crappy! But I think that's doing pretty well now.

Last weekend was Girls Camping Extravaganza at Lake Pearrygin in Winthrop! And because it freakin rained ALL WEEKEND, all we did was eat and drink, oh and play games. If there is a professional league for Mad Gab, I'm pretty sure I'd run that shit! =)

Today is Tuesday, and I am running tonight. I have to get in at least 4 miles or I'm going to be dying on Saturday! I figure if I get a few 3-5 mile jaunts in, I should be okay...right?

Oh well, not like I'm trying to break any records right?

Also, some really HUGE changes coming my way. I will know more this weekend after my Seattle trip! Looking like a new zip code, and a new profession. I'm excited and terrified at the same time!! This has been a long time coming, and really, I'm totally due for something new. And really, crossing my fingers for some really good things to come my way.

I think, when you put out good, you will get good back. I've been sacrificing myself for the sake of others far too much lately, and it's time to do what Erin wants! And I'm ready to do something a little selfish, and good for everyone around me in the long run. So, next week at this time, I will have some new and exciting news to share...HOPEFULLY!!!