Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Club Jetta has been wounded!

I know what you're all thinking!
"Erin crashed YET ANOTHER car?"


It wasn't my fault! Really!! I know, nothing is EVER my fault, but seriously, when it comes to crashing cars, it IS NEVER my fault!

Side bar: I know Club Jetta is in desperate need of a wash...all in due time!

November 26 is the date to check out the damage, and see how much it will cost to fix it. Yeah Insurance (theirs, not mine). I was really hoping it would be totaled, but alas the car gods were not shining down on me that day! So, hopefully sometime in December, Club Jetta will be back to her stunning self! Stay tuned, snow and ice are coming, Club Jetta may be set out to pasture yet.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I should really start jogging!

Those are the words that fly out of my mouth no less than 4 times a day. Every time a cute little jogger girl prances past my ground floor work window, a little bit of envy surfaces in my suppressed feelings. And not just when it's the cute little jogger girls, but the like ancient-walked-with-dinosaurs-coulda-edited-the bible-guys zoom past with not even a sweat and merrily wave at me sitting on my ASS in my office working away (read-myspacing).
Every single day, I wake with intentions to lace up those runners, strap on my I-Pod, start up my Gym Mix Play list, and run all around town. And every single day, I convincingly come up with something I'd really rather be doing! UGH!
We are now in the final week of our office Biggest Loser Contest! I'm in a very braggable 3rd place! Just behind the 2 dudes who are participating. It's crunch time. No, not actually getting on the floor and doing crunches ha, as if! I mean, I'm ready to pull out all the stops. Better late than never huh?
I looked into obtaining Crack Rocks and Meth, but realized it just wasn't in my budget, and after googling photos of Meth addicts, I realized I really like ALL my teeth, and clear skin. One of the contestants suggested drinking toilet water to induce vomiting...thinking about that one. I'm not above laxatives and starvation. I can neither confirm nor deny that I might or might not be slightly addicted to green tea, and cran-water! All about flushing the system.
So, I revisit the jogging idea. I know a lot of people have really lost weight doing this. (shocking huh) Looks like I'm going to have to give a little more thought to this whole jogging thing...the saga continues.