Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, over half way done with technical at school. Learning all about color, and perms and all that fun stuff! I'm loving every single minute of it! Making some amazing new friends, who make me laugh and smile all day long! Oh the joys of laughter. I'm truly right where I belong.

Everything in my world is falling perfectly into place. Letting go of drama and the past, and getting super duper excited for new adventures. Rekindling old friendships that could turn into more???? Setting out on a lot of super great new adventures, and living my life's motto to the fullest! I'm completely content in everything right now. I'm beyond excited about who I've become and all the lessons I've learned along the way.

I don't know why I continue to let people surprise me, but they do. And eventually, in time, everyone shows their true colors, and they are not always as good as first expected. All I know is that if you're true to yourself, and real with everyone around you, life is golden.

I'm doing the Rock and Roll half marathon again this year, and training starts this week. I haven't ran since the 15K in September. Life has just been WAY to busy. So I'm adding yet another "to do" to my list! I'm gonna rock the shit outta that half! Hoping to do another run in Eugene this year, seems I like being in that town...hmmmm.

So, Cheers to yet another amazing year gone setbacks! No LOOKING BACK! Just keep on swimming!