Monday, February 1, 2010


So, a few super sweet friends of mine have started a fun little challenge for the year 2010. I'm a little behind, so I'm starting mine in February. They make a new goal for themselves each month, and basically give something up for a whole month. My friend Erin wasn't allowed to buy herself any clothes for the month of January. Shocking...I know! So I'm jumping on her band wagon and along with our friend Bananas, we are giving up soda and desserts for the month of February.

Today was day one.

I have a HUGE headache!

I hate coffee, so soda is really the only place I get my caffeine. I drink, on average, at least 3 Mt. Dew's a day! Today was rough! I had my morning Mate' Latte from Woods, and that is loaded with caffeine, so I was pretty good, until like 2. Got some Excedrin for my headache with has caffeine in it, so I'm pretty good to go. But I have a feeling I'm gonna Be Princess Pissy tomorrow!!

Wish me luck, actually, wish everyone around me luck!

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